Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 25.00%

DANISH ENDURANCE is an innovative sports brand that is changing the landscape of athletic wear. We are engaged in the production of high-quality sports and outdoor socks and underwear for all types of athletic and outdoor endeavors. With production facilities in Europe and a design created in Denmark, we're the sustainable choice for comfort, durability, and performance, at affordable prices. 

Why partner with us?

  • 25% commission off of the sales price
  • 15% off coupon code to share with followers, peers, and friends
  • Be the first to know about upcoming product launches and campaigns
  • You'll receive free products for the work that you do. We will allow you to have a starting pair of products that you can post pictures of on Instagram.
  • You'll have the opportunity to become an official DANISH ENDURANCE ambassador based on your performance. 

Sounds great, right? Apply now!

To submit an application to join our affiliate program, please fill out the form at left.  Please note that failure to complete all relevant fields and provide the required information is grounds for non-approval.  Providing false or misleading information is also grounds for immediate termination of your participation and will result in all current and future commissions being void.

Important: Make sure to read Program Terms & Policies before applying for the program.

The DANISH ENDURANCE Affiliate Program rewards you for referring your friends, family, colleagues, and beyond to become DANISH ENDURANCE customers and users of our products. 

As a DANISH ENDURANCE affiliate, you receive:
25% commission off of the sales price for every purchase made via your unique link.
Commission payouts 1x a month via PayPal or bank account. 

Getting Started
Fill out our Affiliate Registration form and click "Apply" to sign up!

After you complete the online application on the registration page, DANISH ENDURANCE will provide an email notification within 3-5 business days on average. If approved, you can access your account and start sharing links/banners. Visitors can click and purchase a product through the links/banners. The referral MUST be made via your unique link or discount code in order for us to track the origin of the sale.

Commission Fees
DANISH ENDURANCE affiliates earn a standard commission rate of 25% for all referrals who sign up using their link and/or with an approved discount code. We reserve the right to reverse commissions due to refunded payments and erroneous check-outs.  Commissions are paid out via PayPal or bank account.  It is your responsibility to ensure your PayPal and bank account details are accurate and up-to-date in order to receive payment.

Restrictions on promotion
The DANISH ENDURANCE affiliate program is designed for affiliates to promote via their legitimate channels of influence only.  Promotion via paid traffic (including any adword campaign), re-targeting, discount and/or coupon site, or any other method that in the sole discretion of DANISH ENDURANCE is not in accordance with the letter and spirit of these terms and conditions will result in any commissions so resulting being denied and puts your continued participation in the DANISH ENDURANCE affiliate program in jeopardy.

Legal Compliance
All affiliates must comply with all federal, state and local regulations within your jurisdiction. This includes applicable governing marketing emails (ie CAN-SPAM Act), and all other anti-spam laws. Refersion reserves the right to suspend or remove affiliates from our affiliate program at any time, without warning. Upon termination, you agree to discontinue the use of all links, logos, banners and promotional materials provided to you by DANISH ENDURANCE. Affiliates terminated due to malicious publishing tactics will also have commissions revoked and face possible omission from the DANISH ENDURANCE network.